About us

The Feathers Factory „Feathers-Down” Mateusz Walczak established in the 2015, but the experience has been continuing for the three generations.

Despite the short existence on the market, the company operates dynamically and develops rapidly.


We have a specialized machine park which allows processing feathers of the highest standards. In addition, currently the company realizes the new investment, involving the construction of the building of warehouse and production area, totally more than a half thousand of square meters.

We have a wide assortments of feather and down, and we are able to meet the requirements of all customers. We supply domestically and to foreign companies, which work in the sewing quilts and pillows, sewing upholstery accessories, and in the production of clothing and sport equipment.


In order to ensure the highest quality provided by us, the feathers and down are controlled out on regular basis by the responsible quality control department. We also work with laboratory IDFL in Switzerland, and on request of customer, we can deliver out the tests make there.

We ship the goods of the same quality as previously sent samples.


We are one of the few companies that can make any kind of offered feather and down, to be adapted to the requirements of flammability. Hereby, our processed goods can be confirmed for flammability, by issue of certificate by laboratory of FIRA.


We are trusted from a lot of companies from Poland, European Union, Asian countries and the USA.

We invite new customers to cooperate with us.

We provide expert advice in the selection of quality feather and down, always repeatable quality, punctuality and satisfaction for a long term collaboration.